October 2014

If you haven't heard yet, ONN is done. Well, done-ish...

Life happens. It's why we're not an active band anymore. It is also why we're still working on our yet-to-be-titled second EP. Rest assured, a lot of progress has been made on the new EP as of late, and it'll be available before you know it.

Just a heads up. To celebrate the release of the new EP, we will most likely play a live show or two in Kzoo, GR, or both.

Since we're not actively playing as a band, this site won't be active either. If you'd like to stay "in the know" about the release of the new EP or get details about the release show(s), like us on Facebook if you haven't already. It'll also be a good way to stay informed on current/future projects (like Cosmonaut, check 'em out).

Thanks to all the venues that let us play their stage, bands that shared the stage with us, and people who made it out to one of our shows or downloaded, shared, or bought our music. It's been real.

Love always and forever,


Listen to us on bandcamp or connect with us on facebook.